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Sound enthused..

..or show dismay

Fickle Public
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Who are Fickle Public?
Fickle Public consist of
Al Ferguson on vocals and guitar
Jim Butterley on guitar
James Cameron on bass
Lewis Gale on drums

They are Britain's most exciting new band.

What's their game?
Their game is rock. Rock with shouts, screams, melodies, pounding rhythms and riffs to make your mum bleed. It's vital it is. They play their game on the Smalltown America label, owned by Jetplane Landing.

Where are they from?
They hail from Elgin, in the high north of Scotland but base their band in Glasgow these days.

What have they released?
They have released 2 Tour EPs, have appeared on 2 'Public Service Broadcast' compilations and are currently recording their debut album which is due for release later on in 2005.

Where can i hear these guys?
Well aforementioned Ep's are running out of stock, contact the band and they should be able to fix you up if they haven't run out. However, there are mp3's on the update page but if you can't be bothered to do the extra click they are on this very page (look, at the bottom there). They also tour a lot so keep checking the community and their update page for the latest news.

Why does this community exist?
It's the start of Fickle Public all over your 'net. Fan communities can be part of the enjoyment of a band so this is merely a place for livejournal users to discuss the band and live shows and latest releases. Love it.

Mp3's :
Big Window Seat

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