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Fickle Public

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May 18th, 2005

silverfucked @ 06:42 pm: new website..
Head over to http://www.ficklepublic.com to see the new design for the future website.
I imagine it'd look similar, it's pretty tasty.

Full site is apparently up in June, check it out :o)

And join the messageboard.

Johnny x

Current Music: Godspeed You Black Emperor! - Storm

March 27th, 2005

t_atlantic_foe @ 06:49 pm: Friday is Norwich, I believe!
Fickle Punlic are gracing East Anglia on Friday.

I shall be there. With my trusty digital camera. Signing to what songs I know.

I'll be giving this gig a review for Kissing Just For Practice (http://www.kissingjustforpractice.co.uk), so please, poke around and read what others have done on this site. And the rest of the shite I've written.

Personally, Fickle Public live is the next best thing to another Jetplane Landing tour, given I loved them so much after stalking Jetplane last September.

This shall be very exciting!

Album soon please!!!

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Current Music: The Who - Who's Next

March 18th, 2005

silverfucked @ 03:52 am: Hurrah!

What an evening it was in Dundee. Setlist went a little like:

Kittens Got Claws
Big Window Seat
Five Four To The Floor
Eh (a surprise!)
Prefix With So
Just Like I Got Used To Saying Courtney Cox Arquette

Stunning, stunning.
Lots of banter in between and some comedy covers of sections of songs, to make us dance. They were on for around 30-45 minutes.
So yes, they seemed on top form and buoyant about the tour and seeing people dig the music. Apparently they managed to pull in about 200 people in Glasgow.
They were certainly well received tonight. Courtney Cox is definitely an anthem.

Distophia were mindblowing in every sense of the word, also indulging in covers of a 80s track which i can't recall and House Of Jealous Lovers by the Rapture. It inspires the 'Public to put on the best show they can it seems.
I shouldn't really update to the community when i'm a little tipsy.

I hear the calls for the session, i'll sort it out tomorrow.

Johnny x

March 17th, 2005

silverfucked @ 04:09 pm: Hey

I just remembered i forgot to tell you about Fickle Public radio session tracks i have.
They aren't recorded superbly but 3 new tracks were played and 6 in total. It's a nice listen.

I don't think the band have sorted out the nicely recorded mp3's yet so if you want them i can upload them for you onto Yousendit.com but seeing as i'm on 64k internet connection it'd take me ages, so would anyone want them?

Setlist of session recorded for Subcity Radio:

Kittens Got Claws
Five Four To The Floor
Prefix With So
Just Like I Got Used To Saying Courtney Cox Arquette

The new tracks are sound fucking superb, for the record..
Oh there's an interview as well.

Johnny x

March 15th, 2005

silverfucked @ 02:18 am: A few photos from first gig on Scottish tour..
Here are a couple of photos snapped at tonight's show @ Edinburgh Bannerman's.. there's more of a selection on the forum, photos taken by forum user mattshutter:

PhotosCollapse )

Johnny x

silverfucked @ 02:07 am:
Audioscrobbler community..

There's also a community been created, which is pretty useless until it has 10 members, so make the numbers up.

If you don't know http://www.audioscrobbler.com then it's basically a website where you download a plugin for your media player on your computer and it records every song played so you can see what you listen to most and what the country is listening to and what other FP fans are listening to, hehe. So join up regardless..

When you sign up and get your plug-in thing, join this http://www.audioscrobbler.com/group/Fickle%2BPublic and it'll be a nice wee cool thing to have, and another step to Fickle Public being all over t'internet.

Aye? Go for it.

Johnny x

silverfucked @ 01:48 am: Welcome to the Fickle Public Livejournal Community..
Staying up late at night causes me to do crazy things so tonight this community has popped up. Mainly because Fickle Public are starting to get busy again and hopefully this can be another place other than the forum to discuss FP's music and live shows. It won't be as cheesy as it sounds, honest. It'll also be a handy place to catch up on Fickle Public news and also meet other livejournal users who are FP fans!

The first piece of news is of course the Scottish tour with Distophia, which starts this week, the dates are as follows:

15th march glasgow barfly with distophia, some young pedro and carson
16th march fort william fusion with distophia
17th march dundee reading rooms with distophia and Spyamp (pet piranha records)
18th march aberdeen moshulu with distophia and turning 13
19th march forres the townhall with distophia, dan against the world and small enclosed area

More confirmed dates include:
27th march glasgow 13th note cafe love music hate racism show
30th march liverpool the krazyhouse glasswerk/smalltown america co-promote
31st march london the water rats theatre tbc... tbc... tbc
1st april norwich the ferryboat inn with red jetson
2nd april devizes the cavalier with ben marwood
21st april glasgow ivory blacks with 65daysofstatic
22nd april edinburgh the bongo club with 65daysofstatic
4th june stoke the sugarmill wtih guests

Alongside this, the band are currently putting the finishing touches to their debut album, due for release later in the year. Remember, the band are having problems with http://www.ficklepublic.com at the moment and can't actually update it. In the meantime they are using an update page which can be found here. It gives you all the information I've just given to you, where to get the Tour EPs and Merchandise so hope over to it and do it all!
Oh and remember to join the forum ( ) and chat all kinds of nonsense, it's pretty sparse at the moment, but it can't grow without new members. Do it now.

Regarding the LJ community, any ideas on how to make it look a little better? Or any suggestions at all?

Spread the word,

Johnny x

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