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guntrip @ 04:40 pm:
QUESTION: How do you get to see 21 bands for £12 and donate money to charity at the same time?


Poster designed by Matt Littler

Smalltown America Charity All Dayer #2

Saturday September 17, 2005

93 Feet East
Truman Brewery, 150 Brick Lane
E1 6RU
[ map ]

1:00pm - 9:00pm
last band finished by 8:30pm
bands now shown in running order - this is a secret!

£12 In Advance from We Got Tickets or Ticketweb
All profits to Cancer Research UK and The Connection At St. Martin's.

Main Stage:

Boom In The Diamond Industry = London trio ably holding their own against the likes of Hard-Fi, waving the flag for modern white funk indebted to The Clash and XTC.
Fighting With Wire = Filling venues in their Northern Irish homeland for the last two years FWW jet in for a one-off show. Their music draws comparisons to Foo Fighters, Jimmy Eat World, Fugazi and AC/DC. Promoting new single 'Machine Parts'.
Fleeing New York = Southampton three-piece with a retro drive-in rock sound of clean guitars, bluesy hooks and the penmanship of one Francis Black.
Hell Is For Heroes = Champions of the UK post-hardcore scene conduct the devoted masses through their ambitious sophomore 'Transmit Disrupt' - sure to convert many at Alldayer #2.
Help She Can't Swim = Like a pissed-off Bis, HSCS unleash a shouty barrage of thrashing guitars, electro-punk-funk synths and boisterous but astute vocals with lyrics covering gender politics and music scene elitism.
The Pipettes = These new Memphis Industries signings, have all the makings of a classic pop group - 3 girls in polka dot dresses armed with dance routines, clever post-feminist lyrics and the harmonies of the Shangri-Las - think The Supremes with The Von Bondies as their backing band.
Seafood = Criminally underrated indie four-piece gone alt.country/folk rock, taking a break from recording to debut songs due for their forthcoming new album.
We Rock Like Girls Don't = Hailed by the national press as the best all-girl punk rock band in the UK coming on like PJ Harvey riding The Stooges.
The Young Playthings = Cheeky geek-romantic new signings to STA, described by DSP as Modest Mouse meets Pavement meets Television meets Bruce Springsteen and The Shadows armed with new single (Love U Like That) documenting the giddy thrills of al fresco sex.

Range Life Acoustic Stage:

Andy Park = Andy Park is South London’s best kept secret. We can’t keep secrets. Andy stunned us at Range Life with his incredible guitar instrumentals, beautiful, like our answer to John Fahey. Like unmissable.
The Diamond Family Archive = Leftfield, Oddball and gorgeous, a beautiful and fragile noise sublime lo-fi melancholia, The Diamond Family Archive are a London/Brighton based act. Their shows are spine-tingling, compelling and mesmerising. The songs are built around sparse yet complex layered loops of live guitar, lap steel, electronica and a raft of casio keyboards, zithers and glockenspiels.” There, it’s all said. Can’t wait.
Get Cape. Wear Cape. Fly. = With guitar and laptop Sam mixes up super melodic vocals over electronic beats. Another quickly emerging one-man-band talent to grace the Range Life stage. Breaking out of Southend and batting in the same ball park as the Postal Service and Grandaddy, the boy is hitting big.
Hunter's Palace = London based Australian sound artist Peter Sant and visual artist David Sant together with Lap steel player Nathan are Hunters Palace. They work way beyond their medium, improvising with lap steel and electric guitar. Swimming in the same BIG sublime sea as the likes of Charalambides, Black Forest/Black Sea, and altogether different. Amazing.
The Loose Salute = Live the dream. The Loose Salute live it like Fleetwood Mac partying with the Manson Family. Think Burritos, Beach Boys, Mazzy Star, Byrds, Beachwood Sparks. With glockenspiel, pedal steel and whisky-hot harmonies, the West Coast of America meets the West Coast of England. So sweet.
Sleeping States = 23 year old Markland starkey brought Sleeping States down from Norwich(Having spent time in Kaito (Blast First) ) to London where he now resides. After making (now collectable) cassettes, his first CD “Distances Are Great” moved us darkly, deeply around the City with electric guitar, found sounds and odd vocal samples. His forthcoming new CD is absolutely stunning, moving into more experimental territory and mastering a dark beautiful vocal melody. We’re proud to have him.
The Tailors = Drawn to this city from the English countryside, from Canada, their leading lights: Townes Van Zandt, Jeff Tweedy, Nirvana. London is lucky to have steel/guitar rock and roll band The Tailors. Adam will show all why their debut single on Rough Trade affiliate Trash Aesthetics sold out in 4 weeks.
Treecreeper = Treecreeper play heavy. They pitch somewhere between (and beyond) Screaming Trees and Uncle Tupelo. Will represents with acoustic guitar and harmonica. Still heavy, breaking your heavy heart.

Aftershow Party:

Alldayer wristbands also include free entry to the aftershow, to be held at:

The Spread Eagle
2 Kingsland Road
E2 8DA
[ map ]

8:30pm - 11:30pm
(last band finished by 11:15pm)

The Sailplanes = Set to be included on the next volume of the Public Service Broadcast series this coming November, The Sailplanes recall Sonic Youth, Sleater Kinney and Electrelane in equal and beautiful measures.
Fickle Public = Rough Trade pop combined with Dischord math-punk. Debut single 'Kitten's Got Claws' out on STA in October, to be followed by their debut album 'Bucko' later on this year.
Paper Cuts = Power pop punk rock hyperactive West Londoners with a sound in the line of At The Drive-In, The Buzzcocks and Talking Heads.
You're Smiling Now But We'll All Turn Into Demons = Southampton three-piece on Jazzbeard Records summing Raw-Power era Stooges with The Icarus Line. Quite possibly the best-named band of the entire jamboree.

ANSWER: That's how.


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Date:September 11th, 2005 03:42 pm (UTC)
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